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Marathi to English translation

About tool

The Marathi to English translation gives the translation service using the Google API service. Our online Marathi to English translation is designed for the user who used frequently the tool to translate Marathi to English. This tool is free and you can translate up to 500 characters at a time. This Marathi to English translator is reliable, secure, and fast to translate any sentence, paragraphs, and words.

Many people are benefited from an online translator because it’s really helpful who don’t know Marathi. This online software provides instant translation from Marathi to English. You just have to start typing the text in the left-hand side box and click on the translate button then the text will be translated into the Urdu language in the right-hand side box. This tool also provides you the suggestion box while you are typing the text.

We offer you the accurate translation of the words so that you don’t get confused about the translated words from Marathi to English. You can translate the Marathi greeting message or long paragraphs with the help of a translator. You can visit our website and translate how many times you want to translate there is no limit to it. When you finish the Marathi English translation of your text then you can download the text or share it on social media as you want.

Commonly Used sentences

Common Sentence In Marathi

स्वागत आहे: Welcome

तू कसा आहेस?: How are you?

आपण काय करत आहात?: What are you doing?

तुझं नाव काय आहे? What is your Name

कृपया मला भेटा? Please meet me

कृपया मी येईपर्यंत थांबा Please wait till I come

मला माफ करा Excuse me

क्षमस्व Sorry

आपला दिवस चांगला जावो Have a nice day

आता तू मोकळा आहेस का? Are you free now?

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