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Translate English To Marathi

Welcome friends, on the online English to Marathi translation tool. The tool is designed for users to make sentences to translate in Marathi very smoothly.

This English To Marathi Translator is made easy for the Translation process to help English as well Marathi Speakers with the greatest focus on speed, versatility, and smoothness of software. It is very easy to translate in Marathi just by clicking the button on the software.

The translator is not made for specific users many will be benefited from this English to Marathi converter tool. It’s not possible to learn a new language for everyone for that purpose translator is made because using this tool we canaccurately translate from one language to another language without any effort.

This English to Marathi translator will prove to be helpful to the user who just wants to translate a few words and sentences according to their requirement. The user can also translate English to Marathi lengthy paragraph with his requirement.

The English to Marathi translation is very easy with the use of this translator tool. The working of this tool involves sending the request to the Google servers using the API and once google received the request to translate the text and will return the English translation to Marathi to the tool.

The user has to give input by typing or copy-paste from anywhere in a left side box. After finish the first step, you have to just click on the translate button and Marathi English translation will be provided in the right side box which is an output.

Features of English to Marathi Translation tool

Our website provides English to Marathi translation online for free. The tool is very easy and simple to use.

This tool translate from English to Marathi very easily and the translation is accurate as the user wants.

We use Google API to translate English to Marathi words with any effort.

After the translation, we can copy or download the text. Users can also share thev text on Social media.

You can also do Marathi to Hindi translation with the help of our tool.

Some of frequently used sentence English translation to Marathi or English

Common Sentence In Marathi

Welcome : स्वागत आहे

What are you doing ? आपण काय करीत आहात

How are you: तू कसा आहेस

where are you from : आपण कोठून आहात

I understand: मला समजले

Thank you : धन्यवाद

Have a nice day : आपला दिवस चांगला जावो

What are your favourite things to do? आपल्या आवडीच्या गोष्टी काय आहेत?

Got it!