About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Online Marathi Typing tool for typing in Marathi and translation of text in Marathi. We offer Marathi typing for free for users.

About Marathi typing

It's not possible for everyone to learn typing using the keyboard and there is so much difficulty in learning typing using the keyboard and fonts of Marathi. So, we have designed the online Marathi typing tool for the people who frequently use the typing tool.

In this online tool, we just have to start typing and the typed words are transliterated in Marathi. When start typing the suggestion drop-down menu will appear when the user hits the backspace button. If the user wants to switch between English to Marathi, then press ctrl+g and vice versa.

This tool is absolutely free and users can type unlimited words. You can share the typed text on email and other social media.

About Marathi Translation

Online Marathi translation tool is used to translate the text from one language to another. In this tool, the user has to type the text in the left-hand side box and click on the translate button.

Then the text will be translated. You can download the translated text for free and do translation up to 500 words. This tool is free.

About Marathi Language

The Marathi language is the Indo-Aryan language spoken by the 12o million people of Maharashtra. Marathi is the official language in the state of Maharashtra and Goa. It the 22 scheduled languages of India.

The Marathi language ranks 10th in the list of most spoken languages in the world. The Marathi varieties that are highly influenced are Koli, Agri, and Malvani Konkani.

The Marathi script of Devanagari is called Baldodh. There are 36 consonant letters and 16-initial letters. It is written from left to right.

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